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Art Helps Heal is recognized by the United States Treasury IRS as a 501(c)3 not-for-profit whose mission it is to provide quality art materials and self-directed lessons, and project books along with a website for hospitalized teens.

Our Teen Patient Advisor, Rosie Colucci. demonstrates one of our Art Healing Kits created and designed by  Secretary/Treasurer Shirley Forpe.

It's an easy and fun way to raise money so we can continue to serve all eight children's hospitals in Chicago. 

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What's in the Backpack?
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Thanks to all who made
Art Helps Heal Annual Fundraiser
a resounding success!

Kit Project

Art Helps Heal held its annual fundraiser on Sunday, September 10th at Incontro A Tavola in South Barrington.


​(CLICK HERE for more pictures)

You might be wondering about the mustaches sported by the attendees.  Shirley Forpe explained: 


"Since the pandemic we have been delivering Healing Kits.  They are always welcomed by the child-life staff that poses for the pictures you see online. When the attendees arrived, they all received a Healing Kit."


"One of us or a friend gets an idea for a kit," Shirley explains. "We break it down to determine what supplies are needed, make an example, and then write the lesson. The kit you got today is our Salvador Dali kit"

"When you open your kit, you will become a surrealist. Like Salvador Dali, surrealists were fascinated by the subconscious and dreams. While you’re sleeping Dreams always seem pretty normal. It isn’t until you wake up and realize something was very off. Right place wrong stuff. Today you are going to take a perfectly normal room and add cars, birds and other things that don’t belong. There are a bunch of stickers in your kit and a scissors," said Shirley.


"To help with your creativity you also have been given a MUSTACHE. Dali said his helped him. Good luck. You are surrounded by art teachers so if you have questions ask away. Our patients have a QR code on their lesson put there by Stan. They can scan it to get help."  

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Special Thanks to
Our Corporate Sponsors

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